April 28, 2011

Road Map Shiv Mandir Ambernath Maharashtra

Check out the Road Map to Reach The Shiv Mandir (Temple) In Ambernath from Ambernath Station.
It is better to take a train to Ambarnath Station and get down on the east side and take an auto rickshaw. Or if you are driving from Mumbai then prepare for a long drive.

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Suggested routes

  1. 2.7 km,7 mins
    Shiv Mandir Road
  2. 3.5 km,9 mins
    B -Cabin road and Shiv Mandir Road
Driving directions to Shiv Mandir Temple
Ambarnath, Maharashtra
1. Head west

350 m
2. Turn right

250 m
3. Turn left
toward Baji Prabhu Desphande Marg

350 m
4. Turn left
toward Baji Prabhu Desphande Marg

160 m
5. Take the 1st right
onto Baji Prabhu Desphande Marg

55 m
6. Take the 1st left
onto Jagrut Galli
Pass by Shree Chemist
(on the left)

700 m
7. Turn left onto Shiv Mandir Road

650 m
8. Turn left

200 m
9. Turn left
Destination will be on the right

17 m
Shiv Mandir Temple
Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra
Road Directions From Thane To Shiva Temple in Ambernath.

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Suggested routes

  1. 33.9 km,43 mins
  2. 31.5 km,43 mins
    NH 3
  3. 34.5 km,52 mins
    NH 222
Driving directions to Thane, Maharashtra, India
Shiv Mandir Temple
Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra
1. Head north

220 m
2. Take the 1st left

400 m
3. Slight right

1.2 km
4. Turn left

900 m
5. Turn right
toward Kalyan Shilphata Road

8.9 km
6. Turn left onto Kalyan Shilphata Road
Pass by Sadguru Shri Dada Maharaj Zurale Pratishthan
(on the right)

5.0 km
7. Slight left onto NH4

19 m
8. Take the 1st right
to stay on NH4

2.6 km
9. Turn left to stay on NH4
Pass by Hazrat FakirShah Baba Dargah
(on the left in 2.3 km)

7.1 km
10. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit
onto Pune Rd

600 m
11. Turn left to stay on Pune Rd

700 m
12. Continue onto NH 3

2.8 km
13. Slight left
toward S V Rd

500 m
14. Turn right onto S V Rd

270 m
15. Turn left onto Pokharan Road No. 2
Pass by Paisley Designer Wear
(on the left in 350 m)

950 m
16. Turn right onto Gladys Alwares Rd/Gladys Alwares Marg
Pass by The Origin Fertility Centre
(on the left in 1.0 km)

1.6 km
17. Turn left at Khewra Cir

260 m
Thane, Maharashtra


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