April 28, 2011

Shiv Mandir At Ambernath, Maharashtra

In a small city within a city called Ambernath which is not so far away from Mumbai (Bombay), lies a marvel of ancient times- The Shiv Mandir. It is also known as the Ambreshwar Shiva Temple, located about 2 km from Ambernath Railway Station (East). The popular belief about this temple is that it was built by the Pandava brothers in one night during their vanvaas for sheltering themselves. It has been carved out of one single mass of rock and it is also said that they could not complete the structure and the roof was left to be made. We can see the proof of this even today as there is an open roof above the main area (Gabhara)ambarnath-photos-shiv-mandir-carvingswhere there is a Shiv Ling in the centre. Once you climb down about 20 steps to reach the Ghabara, you will be amazed to feel the vibrations and the peace and calm.
Although the official version suggests that this temple was constructed by Shikahara king, Chittaraja and later it was rebuilt by his son, Mummuni, the popular version of the Mahabharata is widely believed to be true by the people. This is also corroborated by the fact that there is a tunnel there which was used by the Pandavas to escape which is kilometers long and which lies shut and locked currently.
Mahashivratri and the Month Of Shravan are the times when this temple becomes extremely crowded with pilgrims coming in from various places around the country. The carvings on this temple are exquisite and are to be seen to be believed, although, lack of maintenance has somewhat damaged the structure now. But all in all, it is a pleasant experience. It is better to go by train to Ambernath and take an auto-rickshaw from there to the temple. If you are driving from Mumbai, then prepare for a long drive.

  • Check out the Road Maps for directions to reach the Shiv Mandir in Ambernath.


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